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Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTA) Machines

Arcraft is the name to turn for innovative technology. With Plasma Transferred Arc Welding we provide high productivity, high quality of powder deposits and significantly lower cost for hardfacing even in the most challenging area.

We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Plasma Transferred Arc – PTA welding machine.

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plasma transfrerred arc welding system


  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) System is a high energy, inert gas welding process.
  • Argon is basically used for arc plasma supply, powder transport and molten material shielding. It produces a very high quality deposit offering optimal protection with minimal dilution or deformation of the base material.
  • It is a process that deposits very precise coatings of perfectly controlled alloys on mechanical parts that are subject to intense wear; significantly extending their service life.
  • PTA technology is particularly effective in protection against corrosion, thermal shock and abrasion.
  • A wide range of overlay alloys is available for practically any part.
  • Some alloys are very hard; others are softer with hard abrasion-resistant particles dispersed in a matrix. Certain alloys are made to rebuild a part of required dimension while others are designed to be a final overlay that protects the work surface.

PTA Units

system consist of Power Source, Water Chiller, Powder Feeder, Oscillator, Welding Positioner, Controller, Column and Boom, Torch.

PTA Power Source Water Chiller / Recirculator Powder Feeder
Power Source
Water Chiller / Recirculator
Powder Feeder
pta torch weaver (Welding Oscillator) Column & Boom
PTA Torch Weaver (Welding Oscillator) Column & Boom
Process Control Panel Welding Positioner  
Process Control Panel Welding Positioner  

Check out our Manufactured PTA Machines benefits, applications, specifications and scope of supply


  • IGBT inverter based with analog/digital controls & integrated HF arcing system that tremendously increases its efficiency and switching characteristic
  • Low Power Consumption – Optimized design of ferrite core transformer with high quality CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) laminations to ensure low power consumption at 100% duty cycle
  • Excellent Power Factor – Power factor correction capacitor ensures Power Factor of 0.85 - 0.90% ensuring lowest power consumption
  • Stepless Power Control – Power controlled in steps in high capacity machines for extended power saving
  • Easy Arc Striking – High open circuit voltage to accommodate easy arc striking
  • Safety against Voltage Fluctuation & Overload – Fully protected power source against voltage fluctuation & overload added with complete safety interlocking for torch protection against air and water failure
  • Easy to Operate – Easy to operate and maintain torch head for operator's convenience
  • High Cutting Capacity – Highly improved torch design offers higher cutting capacity at low power output
  • Long Life of Consumables – Torch design guarantees long life of consumables viz. electrode and nozzle
  •  Dross Free Cuts – Almost vertical, dross free cuts with minimum kerfs width
  •  Long Cable Length – Standard Torch cable length of 7 meters with option to extend up to 30 meters


pta applications

In a competition with laser surfacing the PTA technology offers much more high productivity, comparable high quality of deposits and significantly lower costs. Typical application areas of the PTA technology are:

  • Extruding machine screws
  • Valves
  • Valve Seats of internal combustion engines (motorcar, marine, locomotive etc.)
  • Accessories for ships, petroleum chemistry and power generation
  • Cutting tools (milling cutters, broaches, knifes)
  • Equipment for mining, crushing, rolling, road building and tunneling
  • Process equipment in ceramics and cement production
  • Moulds and forging dies
  • Pulp and paper industry equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Parts for nuclear plants


Technical Specifications of PTA System

Model PTA 200 PTA 400
Input Supply 415VAC/50-60Hz/3-Phase 415VAC/50-60Hz/3-Phase
Max Installed Power 11Hp 24Hp
Input kVA @ 60% Duty Cycle 9.7 19.4
Input kVA @ 100% Duty Cycle 7.5 14.9
Open Circuit Voltage OCV 75-85 V DC 75-85 V DC
Current Range 20-200A 20-400
Current @ 60 Duty Cycle 200A 400A
Current @ 100 Duty Cycle 155A 310A
Pilot Arc Current 5 - 40A 5-40A
Plasma Gas Flow Meter 0 - 5LPM 0 - 5LPM
Shielding Gas Flow Meter 0 - 10LPM 0 - 10LPM
Current Pre-Setting Facility Provided Provided
High Frequency Test Provided Provided
Water Failure Trip Provided Provided
Gas Failure Trip Provided Provided
Digital Ammeter & Digital Voltmeter Provided Provided
OCV Test Provided Provided


P.T.A. Deposit shows the following characteristics:

  • Reduces Cost Restoring a worn part to "as new" condition generally costs between 20-70% of a brand new replacement part
  • Prolongs Equipment Life – Service life increases of 3 to 10 times are common with properly overlaid parts
  • Reduces Downtime – Parts last longer and fewer shutdowns are required
  • Less Spare Parts Inventory – There is no need to keep numerous spare parts when worn parts can be rebuilt
  • An attractive bead with no signs of oxidation and with little or no ripple
  • Very low dilution
  • High, density, no porosity & no inclusions
  • Micro-photos or x-rays show the deposits to be of high density & metallurgically bonded to the Substrate
Scope of supply includes:
  • Inverter Power Source (Make: Lincoln Electric)
  • PTA OD Torch Head 350 Amp with 4 mtr Cable
  • Water Chiller cum Re-Circulator
  • Powder Feeder Positive Displacement
  • Digital Oscillator
  • Welding Positioner
  • Column & Boom
  • Controller for Hardfacing System
  • Idler
  • Consumables


Plasma Cutting Machines

For precision cutting of Stainless steel, Aluminium and all other Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
Stainless Steel cutting upto 150 mm thick plates.

PTA Hardfacing & Cladding

(PTA) for Hardfacing / Cladding / Reclamation & Protection of Mechanical parts.

Welding Automation

Increase Productivity and    Capacity
Repeatable high quality    welds
Enhance Quality
Custom made solutions

Plasma Welding

Less sensitivity to changes in  
 Arc length.

Micro Plasma Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature    
 Controlled Arc at low currents
 Automated welding at low
 With built-in Pilot arcing     system.

Micro Tig Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature parts
 Ideal for smaller repair or
    Assembly work.
 Built-in high frequency     ignition.

Welding Inverters

Light weight & compact : 80% less weight compared to conventional machines.

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