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Welding Automation Equipments

At Arcraft we supply manufacture complete range of products to automate your Welding and Cutting Process.  Increase productivity, enhance quality and eliminate defects with our automation systems.  We design, manufacture and market Automation systems like Welding and Cutting Torches, Weld Weaver, Wire Feeders, Torch Height Controller, Manual and Motorized Slides, Welding Lathe, Manipulators, Camera and Video Display, Welding Turning Rolls, and many more. We offer standard products as well as custom design and manufacture to the customers requirement / technical specifications. We design , manufacture and market welding automation systems for the welding of various components and equipments , metal build up, hardfacing and metal spray applications.

Industries served include fabricators , special equipment manufacturers , automobile part manufacturers , valve manufacturers , oil & gas ,metal recycling, cement, power generation, rock crushing, sugar cane shredding, steel mill rolls , dredging and many more

Arcraft Plasma has been custom engineering welding automation besides standardizing various machines and have products ranging from automating your hand gun using manual and automated x- y slides , digital oscillators for weld weaving , seam trackers , automatic voltage controller (AVC) unit , welding positioners , turntables , conventional rotators (tank turning rolls), column & boom manipulator, H beam welding units , special welding automation for wind mill industry , automation for hardfacing of steel mill rolls , hardfacing of wear plates and many other applications.

We have tie ups with leading companies in the welding and allied industry from India and abroad for outsourcing of hi tech machines and components for integration with our equipment to give the highest value for money and best quality and productivity output for the customer.

Our welding solutions for the customers range from simple x – y slides , table top welding lathes , positioners and torch manipulators to complex digital and cnc controlled machines sometimes using pneumatic and hydraulic systems when required.

Contact us with your requirements for the best automation solutions

Welding Automation Equipments

01. Welding Gun 02. Oscillator ( weld weaver )
03. Cold wire feeders 04. Seam trackers
05. Torch Height Controller 06. Cameras and video displays
07. Manual slides ( manual and motorized ) 08. Welding turntables
09. Welding positioners 10. Welding Turning Rolls
11. Welding lathes 12. Column and boom ( manipulators )


01. FCAW / MIG 02. Hardbanding
03. PTA 04. SAW / ESW Strip cladding
05. SAW hardfacing    

CNC GAS / Plasma Profile Cutting Systems


Plasma Cutting Machines

For precision cutting of Stainless steel, Aluminium and all other Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
Stainless Steel cutting upto 150 mm thick plates.

PTA Hardfacing & Cladding

(PTA) for Hardfacing / Cladding / Reclamation & Protection of Mechanical parts.

Welding Automation

Increase Productivity and    Capacity
Repeatable high quality    welds
Enhance Quality
Custom made solutions

Plasma Welding

Less sensitivity to changes in  
 Arc length.

Micro Plasma Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature    
 Controlled Arc at low currents
 Automated welding at low
 With built-in Pilot arcing     system.

Micro Tig Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature parts
 Ideal for smaller repair or
    Assembly work.
 Built-in high frequency     ignition.

Welding Inverters

Light weight & compact : 80% less weight compared to conventional machines.

Arcraft Plasma Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporter of
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