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Seam Trackers

Weld seam tracking as the name suggests is an automated system which tracks & compensates irregularities in the weld seam and also tracks moving joint profiles during welding process. Arcraft’s innovative design of its universal seam tracker model DigiST100 is a micro processor based seam tracking system. Easy to setup, interface, operate independently the DigiST100 has distinct advantage that it can be used for various welding processes. Advance engineered rugged tracking sensor automatically finds the weld joint & controls the track of the welding head in real time welding.

Advantage of DigiST100 Seam Tracker

  1. Keeps welding track exactly in the weld joint in precision of 0.25mm (0.01 inch)
  2. Suitable for processes like TIG, Plasma, MIG, Sub-Arc, Strip cladding
  3. Programmable to store various programs.
  4. Heavy duty cross slide to take the load of various types of welding heads.
  5. Rugged advanced engineered design allows the tracker to work in harsh environments.
  6. Manual override on automated mode for operator’s convenience.
  7. Suitable to work on Tank, Cylinder, Pressure vessel fabrication.
  8. Suitable to use for I or H beam or structural fabrication
  9. Compatible with Torch Height Controller (THC) model DigiTHC100 for automated X & Z movement of welding torch head.
220Vac / 50-60Hz / 350watts
Stepper motor
Digital, Microprocessor based
Options of Electromagnetic or Laser activated
0.5 mm (0.02”). Optional 0.25 mm (0.01”)
  Stroke length
100mm (4.0”) horizontal
  Weight capacity
15 Kgs. (33 lbs)

Welding Automation Equipments
Plasma Cutting Machines

For precision cutting of Stainless steel, Aluminium and all other Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
Stainless Steel cutting upto 150 mm thick plates.

PTA Hardfacing & Cladding

(PTA) for Hardfacing / Cladding / Reclamation & Protection of Mechanical parts.

Welding Automation

Increase Productivity and    Capacity
Repeatable high quality    welds
Enhance Quality
Custom made solutions

Plasma Welding

Less sensitivity to changes in  
 Arc length.

Micro Plasma Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature    
 Controlled Arc at low currents
 Automated welding at low
 With built-in Pilot arcing     system.

Micro TIG Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature parts
 Ideal for smaller repair or
    Assembly work.
 Built-in high frequency     ignition.

Welding Inverters

Light weight & compact : 80% less weight compared to conventional machines.

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