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Linear welding SPM for welding tubes from 0.1mm SS sheet.

Welding Data >> Linear welding SPM for welding tubes from 0.1mm SS sheet.

Linear welding SPM for welding tubes from 0.1mm SS sheet.


Arcraft has designed and manufactured a linear welding system suitable for welding 0.1mm and above SS sheets into tubes / pipes of upto 500mm length.

For longer length the machine can be designed accordingly. This machine does the job which has been so far reserved for costlier micro tig and micro plasma systems. Since it is fully automated the results are repeatable for high quality and fast production.

The SPM is designed according to the customer job requirement and budget . Design options are offered as per the customers budget. The system consists of a hydraulic cylinder and power pack or servo motor for torch motion , pneumatic cylinder or spring loaded clamps to hold the job with suitable holder , well designed clamp and chills as per job thickness all assembled in a suitable machined frame .

The whole system is designed and manufactured to the closest

possible tolerances considering the minimum job thickness of only 0.1mm sheet capacity. The welding SPM can be used to weld any cylindrical jobs, strips , sheets where a precise linear fusion weld is required.

The system is interfaced with TIG Inverter Pulse Power Source manufactured by Arcraft Plasma Equipments (I) Pvt Ltd. A control console is provided for easy operation of the SPM .


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