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A dynamic new face in Hardbanding Equipment
We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hardbanding Equipment

Hardbanding machine


  • Hard Banding is a process of hardfacing using the MIG welding process to protect Drill pipes tool joints, Heavy weight drill pipe, Drill collars and other tools and down hole components used in drilling applications .
  • Specially made alloys are used in the form of a consumable wire and deposited using the welding process . The hardbanding process effectively extends service life of the drill pipes and protects the casing from abrasive wear . .
  • Hardbanding sometimes is performed using the SAW process , PTA ( Plasma Transferred arc process ) and with lasers .
  • Specially designed machines when used give optimum results and high productivity .
  • Our system offers a complete solution and is fully equipped with latest technology and is ready to weld.
  • We manufacture standard and customized machines as per our customer requirements.
  • Our unit can be provided with optional SAW process, PTA process , Gouging and Induction heater system.
  • Contanerized systems for site work , Hydraulic roller support for pipes

Check out our Hard Banding units, its benefits, applications and scope of supply.

Hard Banding Units With Specification:

Hard Banding Units Oscillating System Hard Banding Units
Spindle Torch Carriage (Weld Box) Oscillator
Hollow Spindle 250 mm / 10 inch
300 mm / 12 inch (Optional)
Chuck 3 Jaw, True, Hollow spindle
Number of Chucks Single
Head Stock Speed 0.2 to 2 rpm
Length 500 mm
Torch Travel Speed 100 - 1000 mm per minute
Auto Step Over 0 - 99 mm in step of 1 mm
No of Bands 0 - 99 in step of 1
Band width 0 - 25 mm in step of 0.2 mm
Stroke / minute 0 - 60 in step of 1
Dwell Time Left / Right 0.0 - 9.9 seconds in step of 0.1 sec.
MIG Power Source MIG Wire Feeder mig tourch
Welding Power Source Wire Feeder Mig Tourch
Type Constant Voltage (MIG / MAG)
Capacity 450 amps
Make Lincoln Electric
Wire size Solid 1.2, 1.6 mm / 0.045, 1/16 inch
Wire size Flux cored 1.2. 1.6 mm / 0.045, 1/16 inch
Spool Weight 12.5 kgs. max.
Spool Size 300 mm OD x 50 mm ID
Capacity 500 amps
Cooling Gas cooled
Cable 1 meter
Type Straight
mig tourch    
Vertical 0 - 200 mm Manual
Horizontal 100 - 0 - 100 mm Manual
Degree 100 - 0 - 100 mm Manual
Optional Units
Idler / Roller support optional Induction Heater power source Induction Heater coil
Idler / Roller support (optional) Induction Heater Power Source (optional) Induction Heater coil (optional)
Gouging Power Source    
Gouging Power Source(optional)    

Check out our Hardbanding features, applications and scope of supply


  • Fully automatic operation through operator's friendly control panel.
  • Single push button start for automatic weld cycle sequencing of Rotation, Welding, Oscillation, Step-over, Banding & Auto stop.
  • Degree overlap facility to avoid weld defect at stop of the weld.
  • Automatic Step-Over for programmable number of bands.
  • Unique feature of reverse overlap compensation for uniform appearance of start / stop of weld bands in single line.
  • Hollow spindle to accommodate all types of pipes.
  • Hollow Barrel True Chuck with hardened jaws.
  • Sealed roller / ball bearings for long service life.
  • Highly accurate, Smooth, Variable Width Torch Oscillator for excellent weld bead deposit.
  • Cross slides for easy positioning of torch before & during weld.
  • Heavy duty GMAW torch with long life consumables.
  • SAW Process option provided.
  • Supply input 380 - 415 VAC / 3-Phase / 50-60 Hz / 25 KVA.


  • Drill Pipe Pin & Box Tool Joint
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
  • Heavy Weight Spiral Drill Pipe
  • HWDP Central Upset
  • Drill Collar
Hard banding samples
hard banding sample

Scope of Supply Includes:

    • MIG/MAG Welding Power Source
    • MIG Torch
    • Wire Feeder
    • Oscillator
    • Manual Slide
    • Earthing clamp
    • Hollow spindle Lathe
    • Torch Carriage

    Optional Unit

    • Air Plasma Gouging Power Source for removal of weld over lay
    • Gouging Torch Air cooled
    • Induction Heater Power Source
    • Induction Heater Coil
    • Idler / Roller support
    • SAW Head
    • Water cooled torch
    • ""


Plasma Cutting Machines

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Stainless Steel cutting upto 150 mm thick plates.

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